Making your dreams come true won't come easy. Struggle is good. Honor it. Have fun with it.

Push yourself, get out of your comfort zone and really give it your very best! Your wish is my command. :-)


Coming Back Strong

A new mix after a busy month of learning the art of producing!

Enjoy a deeper and darker tech house mix with energising beats to lift your spirits!


Life Can Be Magical

Close your eyes and believe it is still summer.

Ibiza beats to shine some sun on you!

Party At My House

A more speedy house mix to get your party started!

Dance and smile. :-D


Be My Guest!

Especially for you, my dear party friends: Fresh beats for the weekend!

Recharge and feel your energy. :-D


Long Journey Home

Wow, I am truly overwhelmed by all your heartwarming reactions to me starting as a DJ! You are epic! 💖 As a big thank you I have created a new mix! In a few days I'm traveling back to the Netherlands: a loooong drive home. Nothing better than a brand new deep house mix to accompany you on your travels. 😁 My longest mix ever!

Feedback & sharing is greatly appreciated!



Dance Like a Boss in Berlin

I am a big fan of the German DJ/producers  Solee and Boss Axis, famous for their melodic techno.

It felt like the right time for a deeper and harder mix with a lot of music from these artists. Put the volume high!


Southern France and Palm Trees

I'm on holiday for 3 weeks in Southern France, BUT I took my mixer with me! :-)

Feeling relaxed, the sun on my skin, I created a new house/deephouse mix.


Vienna Volksgarten @ 5am Tribute

Best Weekend Ever! In Vienna with friends enjoying this great city and hitting the clubs.

Amazing inspiration for my first public mix!